The Lake at Les Vaux

The lake is about 3 acres of open water with a Category A trout river entering at the top.  It varies in depth from 4.5m at the dam wall to 50cms at the shallow top end. The average depth in the centre along the original river bed is around 2.7m to 3m, with margins averaging 1.4m to 1.7m.  The bed of the lake varies a great deal, from stone to sand to gravel, with silt deposited along the river bed.  There are a number of quite defined steps on the lake bed along the gite side bank formed by the original granite extraction.  The far bank where the swims are located is predominately sand and gravel.

Fishing is from three quarters of the bank around the lake. There is car access to the first double swim only.  All other access is on foot.  If required, we can provide a barrow to transport fishing gear to the swims where there is plenty of room to set up bivvies and rod pods.  Included in the price of your holiday are a carp cradle, weigh sling and tripod at three of the double swims.  No deposit is required, but you will be responsible for the cost of replacement if they are broken or damaged during your holiday.  Tables and seats are provided on the bank with portable barbeques available for each swim.  The banks have been levelled and laid with compacted sand over gravel so that all the swims and access to them are suitable for wheelchairs.

Fishing is not allowed anywhere along the bank from the gite garden, alongside the meadow and the wood EXCEPT FOR the Garden Swim beside the gite itself.  An area at the top of the lake is reserved for fish and wild-life.  This area, together with certain other areas, will be pointed out on your arrival as strictly out of bounds for fishing at all times.

Adjacent to the lake is the old mill in which a lock-up is available to store fishing gear, made-up rods, tackle, bait, wet clothing, etc and where there is also a dedicated freezer for anglers’ bait and UK mains power sockets for charging bait boats and phones.  We cannot be held responsible for any theft or damage to personal property anywhere on the premises or for any accident or loss

We hope you will understand that essential maintenance and grass-cutting may have to be carried out from time to time.  We do keep such work to a minimum so as not to disturb your holiday unnecessarily.

To ensure the enjoyment of your holiday Chas visits the lake briefly every day, so if you have any queries or would like advice on anything, tactics or rigs, he will be very pleased to help.

Lake Map


Lake Swims

Bivvies can be set up as normal at the four double swims located along the fishing bank and at the single swim by the gite.  Rod pods or bank sticks which can be screwed into the platform are needed for the platform swim.  Bank sticks can be used on all other swims if required, but pods are recommended for ease of set up.

Lake Dimensions

The lake along the dam wall is 80m wide and narrows to about 45m at the opposite end. The area which can be fished is 220m in length from the dam wall.

Lake Bed

The lake bed is predominantly sand over gravel with no weed present and through the centre lies soft silt and sand, which is where the blood worm beds are.

Les Vaux Lake

A full aerial tour of the lake 

Lake Rules

Maximum number of anglers is 4 with a maximum of 4 rods per angler.

If 5 anglers wish to fish, the maximum number of rods is 3 per angler

Rods must not be left unattended at any time

No fixed leads, death rigs, tether or bent hook rigs are allowed

Hooks are the angler’s choice, but the lake preference is for barbed or micro barbed hooks.  A single hook only is to be used, no multiple hooks and no bent hooks

A minimum main line breaking strain of 15lb must be used; braided line may be used, but with caution

Weigh slings and carp cradles are provided and must be used.  Sacking of any fish prior to weighing will only be permitted in a recovery sling.  Sacking of fish overnight is NOT ALLOWED

Only professionally prepared particle baits (by DNA Baits, Innovate Baits, Hinders, etc) or our own specially prepared particle blend, sold at very reasonable rates, are allowed. No other particle baits, except tinned sweetcorn, will be permitted 

Nuts and live maggots are allowed, but only as hook baits. Dead maggots are not allowed

Bait boats are allowed; rowing boats are not allowed

Swimming in the lake is not allowed

Please leave no litter, cigarette ends or line; lots of bins are provided around the venue for all your litter.

No trees are to be cut; please respect the natural vegetation in all parts of the venue

With carp safety in mind, particularly when taking photos of your fish, please do not stand up when holding them.

Drug use is absolutely forbidden and offenders will be requested to leave with no refunds

Lake Rules Explained

We really do want you to enjoy the fishing and your holiday at Vaux and hope you will understand why a few rules are necessary for the benefit of all our visitors, the venue and the fish.  The health and welfare of our carp are of paramount importance to us and we do everything we can to ensure they remain in good condition, which is why we ask you to please co-operate by following these simple rules.

Rigs must allow fish to free themselves from the lead in the event of breakage.  So please use safe rigs making sure that the lead set-up can detach or slide over any shock leader knot.  If you would like help with any aspect of rig safety, please ask.  We are always happy to help.

Braided line must always be used WITH CAUTION because it can be sucked into bait boat impellers causing serious damage and this is particularly unacceptable when hiring bait boats from us.

Our carp are reaching weights of 50lb+, so they are difficult to handle when being weighed bankside, especially when they are spawned up.  They MUST be kept in a recovery sling to be weighed and cannot be retained for extended periods, especially overnight.

Unfortunately, some anglers do not prepare particles and home-made baits properly and so only those professionally prepared are permitted.  We do also have our own prepared particles readily available at very reasonable prices if required.  

The rowing boat at the venue is NOT for guest use.  We will very happily retrieve any item from the lake should this be necessary.

Bait & Tackle Hire


Prepared Particles

Selection of boilies... 10euros/kg

Vaux carp & trout pellets, medicated... 15euros/6kg bucket

Ordinary carp & trout pellets... 15euros/6kg bucket

Cooked Particle Mix... 25euro/20kg bucket

Please ensure that you place your bait orders at least two weeks before your holiday date

Tackle Hire


A Selection of Bait Boats ​is available for hire, Waverunner, Boat-tec or Cub are 20euros per day. (A refundable damage deposit of 200euros is required for the bait  boats)  

2-man bivvy with 2 bedchairs... 60euros per  week 

Bedchair... 20euros per week 

42 inch Landing Net.....15euros per week

Top Tips for fishing at Vaux



Big Leads are a must and hook patterns are equally important. We regularly read through the catch reports kindly left by our anglers to see how well the tactics may be working.  It has become apparent that those anglers using small leads of under 3oz do not do so well compared to those who use larger leads of 3.5oz or more.

Anglers do catch using small leads, but a fair number of fish are lost through light hooking and it is difficult to break through the 40lb+ barrier. Looking at last year’s reports, we could see that very few of the big fish came out to anglers using light leads.

Most anglers do bring a number and variety of leads, but the majority of them are not used to using larger leads, so when they are rapidly used up, the anglers have to revert to their smaller leads.  Although light leads are semi fixed, with the combination of a light lead and a softly set bait runner, they are actually free running on a take, so the leads aren’t setting the hooks. Consequently, a lot of good fish are lost. 

Please look at the Downloads page for more information on tips and tactics.

Anglers should also bring an assortment of hook patterns because they can make a big difference to presentation of pop-ups and bottom baits and one hook pattern does not suit all bait presentations. Over many years of anglers' feedback and our own experience, the basic set up you should consider for carp angling at Vaux is to use 4-5 oz leads, 4-6 size hooks with a minimum of 25lb rated hook link material.