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Reviews 2019

It was wonderful to see Roz, Neil and Chris again in a cooler, wetter last week of the season, some


It was wonderful to see Roz, Neil and Chris again in a cooler, wetter last week of the season, some rain with sunny breaks, and a water temperature dropping by 6deg. They netted a total of 28 carp, with 4 x 40s up to 48lb, 14 x 30s up to 39lb14oz and 9 x 20s up to 29lb12oz, three of the 40s to Chris, the fourth at 43lb05oz to Roz and the 39lb14oz to Neil



Chas put Roz, Neil and Chris on the spots, but fishing started very slow. Although it picked up well for peg 1 at the dam wall, unfortunately it remained slow for pegs 2 and 3 to the far margins. Pop-ups and snowmen produced better fish and were more consistent in peg 1, but a few came from the silt line in the middle of the lake, nearer to the dam wall



Roz, Neil and Chris commented, ‘However, we had a good, relaxed week. We all enjoy coming to Vaux. Many thanks to Chas and Josie for making us so welcome. Look forward to our return and some better weather. We have been coming for several years. Chas is always upgrading something. A great venue and an owner with a lot of knowledge.


  Their two-week July holiday gave Simon and Vicky 25 carp including 13 x 30s and Vicky’s two 40s at 41lb and 43lb, most caught using balanced claw rig with pop up or bottom bait on combi rig. Vicky took dam wall end and Simon mid lake to top. Weather very hot but dry


 Simon and Vicky commented, ‘Another fantastic holiday at Vaux! This year it was Vicky’s turn to make two new PBs with her 43lb mirror and 37lb common. Lovely to see you both again and doing well and always a pleasure to have a cuddle from Buddy. ‘Till next time!


  Dan returned in September with Dawn, Tony and Anne when they banked 18 carp between them, a 40lb each to Dan and Dawn, Tony’s biggest at 38lb08oz and three 30s to Anne, all caught on pop-ups or wafters. They commented: ‘Beautiful, well looked after venue, fish in excellent condition. Chas & Buddy so  friendly. Can’t wait to come back’


Another cracking season start for 2019. In the first week of April John and Nathan landed 31 carp between them, including 12 x 30s up to John’s 35lb10oz mirror and the biggest at 40lb07oz to Nathan, only three under 20lb. The main tactic was balanced hook baits over crushed boilie and sweetcorn, but fish were also caught on bottom baits.  See their holiday comments below on this page.


Duncan returned for his 5th visit in April when, using baits of sweetcorn, pink pop-ups, tiger nuts or Atlantic Heat, he landed 18 carp up to 42lb2oz.  He said the week started very cold, making fishing inconsistent, but as it improved so did the fishing and his best tactic was to bait spots on a ‘little and often’ basis.  See more Holiday Comments below on this page.



In the last week of April/May, out of a total of 12 carp Trevor’s first fish was his PB of 49lb06oz, Chris’s first (and first fish of the week) was his PB of 41lb8oz and Matt’s PB at 33lb. Most were caught on a variety of pop-ups and some on krill bottom bait. Trevor commented, ‘Had a great week fishing. We’d like to thank Chas for all his help’. 

The attached photo is the 49lb06oz



First timers to Vaux in May,  Darren, Sam, John and Richard banked 22 carp between them including 2 x 40s and  11 x 30s, caught 50/50 on bottom baits and pop ups. They said, ‘fishing started slow,  but steadily improved. Weather was great, we loved the  lake, perfect for us to fish socially, bbq by the lake each night. Gite also perfect.  Venue is great, we’ll definitely be  back!’



Paul returned to Vaux along with his family for a week in April, a ‘holiday with some fishing’, so no nights, not every day as the family went out and about and only late afternoons into early evenings. He landed only three mirrors all between the hours of 7pm and 7.30pm - a 44lb13oz, a 43lb04oz and a 40lb10oz using Tutti Frutti or Nutribait Wonderfruit.



Great to see John, Callum, Ken and Stuart back at Vaux again for a week in May. Between them they caught a total of 18 carp, ten mirrors, one fully scaled mirror and seven commons, including one mirror at 44lb8oz banked by Callum, seven 30s to John’s 38lb6oz mirror, five 20s to 27lb and five under 20lb.



Brilliant to have Penny and Mick back at Vaux again. A week in May saw them land 17 carp between them with an average weight of 34lb15oz, caught 50/50 on bottom baits or pop-ups. Of Penny’s 7 carp, 4 were 40s up to 48lb8oz, with 1 x 30 and 2 x 20s. They commented, ‘Everything at Vaux is spot on. Once again it was challenging’.



Mick had a 42lb9oz common and a 44lb9oz mirror, 6 x 30s, 1 x 20 and one under 20lb. He and Penny commented further, ‘With hard work and a great deal of help from Chas, we ended up having a fantastic week. Accommodation was spotless. Although it was challenging, we know the fish are there, you just have to be on them’.



James  and Richard, on their fourth visit in May, caught 18 carp between them, a  41lb4oz, 8 x 30lb+ and 7 x 20lb+, most to orange pop-ups/wafters. They commented, ‘Hugely changeable weather  meant difficult conditions, fishing for a bite at a time, no excessive baiting.  Always a challenging venue – that’s why we love it, beautiful place to  be’



The first day of a June week for Tom, Bob and John was hot and they were greeted by basking carp on arrival, but the week became cooler until there were gale force winds and rain. Difficult as it was, they landed 3 x 30+ and 1 x 20 commons. They said, ‘We love coming back to Vaux. It’s perfect



Tom, Bob and John continued: ‘Chas has really helped us over the years to catch. You are unlikely to meet a more friendly, approachable and kind individual. The venue is stunning, the house is beautiful and the fish are huge. Just need to one day land a monster. Our third year and fingers crossed for many, many more trips.’



Our first Belgian visitors arrived in June when the three anglers banked 10 carp, ‘not a top result’ said Dimitri, but of the six he caught, five were in excess of 33lbs up to 48lbs and two were ‘flirting with the 40lb barrier’. He commented: ‘We had a wonderful time, both off and on the venue. Thanks a lot to Chas for his tips’

Reviews 2018



Welcome back to Neil and Roz after an absence of several  years. They fished at Vaux in a September week and landed 27  carp between them, 4 x 40lb-ers up to Roz’s 46lb (well done Roz – ladies rule!)  and 12 x 30lb-ers up to Neil’s 38lb2oz (and he had the three other 40s), an  average weight for the week of 31lb10oz. See more below in Comments



Nicholas and his three young sons aged 10, 12 and 14 fished at Vaux in August when they landed 12 carp between them, all using the Claw Rig and pop-ups over particles.  12yr old Owen’s 41lb7oz mirror was the last fish caught in the early hours of the last morning.  Nick commented, ‘The boys enjoyed their first time fishing in France.’  See Anglers’ Comments below.



First-time anglers to France, Russell and son, Mitchell, fished at Vaux for a week in September when Russell banked a 30lb mirror and Mitchell a 41lb8oz mirror, both on the Claw Rig and using orange pop ups, apple core shaped, over crumb.  Russell commented: “We will be back for the 50lb-ers and maybe a 60lb LOL”.  See more of their Holiday Comments below 



Grahame and family arrived for a week in August when a total of 22 carp were banked, including two 40s, 9 30s to 38lb12oz and 7 20s to 29lb.  Most were caught on bottom bait, with a handful on pop ups.  He commented that ‘fishing conditions good; tactics - find as much info as possible from website, FB and Chas.  Brilliant week, fishery first class’



An August week saw the return of Jason and Anthony, with wives, four children and two friends, when they landed a total of 14 carp, five 40s to 46lb8oz, six 30s and three 20s including ‘a peach of a koi’ at 21lb.  Anthony commented, ‘I cannot express how great it is here. We had a cracking week, especially the kids. We will be back for sure’



Anthony also commented, ‘We paid our second visit to this amazing place which is really recommended to all!  Although an attraction for fishing, it is also highly recommended for all generations. Our visits were for the whole family, including 4 young kids from 2-8.  Loads to do in and around the area and a beautiful lake. 5☆ MUST visit place.’

carp at vaux france


What a pleasure to see John and Mal again and meet Mal’s sister.  The first four days of their holiday were very hot, followed by cold, damp weather, during which John caught 11 carp, six of them 30s up to 37lb10oz and four 20s, all caught on bottom baits – ‘no joy with pop-ups’.  They commented: ‘Great to be back at Vaux, see you again in two years’



The July/August family holiday started overcast when Dan banked a 39lb8oz mirror and two commons.  The high temperatures kicked in and the fish switched off, although son, Reece, landed two smaller commons.  Undaunted, they have booked for next year, commenting that ‘the venue is well kept, clean and tidy, very good access around the lake, overall a great place’ 



Michael, Dennis, Alan and Kevin, accompanied by Maureen, fished two weeks in June, but due to the heat, the rods did not come out until the sun had gone down.  The biggest carp was Kevin’s at 38lb2oz and most came out to garlic based baits, but several were caught on pellet and corn and one came to Scopex pop-up.  See their Holiday Comments below



A week in June was the 4th visit for Tom and Olly, each time accompanied by their three non-angling friends.  They banked a total of 7 carp up to mirrors of 39lb8oz to Tom and 37lb to Olly and four were lost during a storm affected week.  ‘The most successful tactic was fishing to the far bank, using the claw rig with Cell dumbbell and maize pop-up’.



Martin caught 15 carp in a week of two halves; heavy rain until Tuesday was replaced by sunny weather.  However, the fishing was consistent throughout the week. The biggest carp was a 42lb mirror along with some 30lb + commons and mirrors. Martin mainly used the swimmer rig with homemade baits and bright coloured pop ups



A week in June brought Kevin back again and he managed to land 16 carp, the best being a 40lb8oz mirror, plus several other 30lb+ carp, mainly mirrors. He fished in the middle section of the lake on and off the far bank and used the modified claw rig as described in the latest news section with various pop up colours and crumbed up boilies. 



Chas doesn’t often fish his own lake, but he spent 3 ½ days and nights in April trying out his own new Balanced Claw Rig. Using bottom bait and small pop ups, he landed 19 carp, 6 x 40s, 9 x 30s, 2 x 20s and 2 under 20lb, most of them coming out during the night, the days being very hot. For more details please go to the Vaux News page



A week of mixed weather and cold nights at end April into May saw the return of Shane and Gary with Ian. A total of 16 carp were banked: 9 x 30s up to 37lb14oz and 6 x 20s from 22lb to 28lb, 8 mirrors and 8 commons.  Most came to pink pop-ups on Ronnie rigs.  Ian landed his PB mirror of 35lb.  ‘A great week‘ they said ‘nice setting and facilities first class.



Tom, Robert and John fished a week in May using their own tactics of red or pink pop-ups with conventional, fully popped-up shop-bought rigs and caught only two 26lb mirrors in six days.  On Friday they turned to Chas who changed their tackle to his balanced claw rig. A 28lb and Robert's 41lb  PB were soon landed.  ‘We all love Chas helping us get a 41lb on the bank!!’

Latest Holiday Comments

This page will be updated regularly from April through to October. Visit our Previous Reviews page to view pictures and comments from over 10 years of angling success at Les Vaux

  As  our season begins to wind down, Bob, Jason and Ken returned in September with  Nigel who between them banked 33 carp weighing in at a very commendable 1005lbs  which included six 40s to 45lb8oz, 12 x 30s to 38lb04oz and 10 x 20s to  29lb. They fished days only, no nights  at all, and caught on Baitworks Monster Red boilie and particle mix. Weather conditions were ‘very pleasant’ with  temperatures around 20deg, mostly dry and sunny, a little cloud and slightly  windy at times, but all in all much more comfortable for fish and man than the  recent very hot weeks. 


Derek and Graham, accompanied by their wives, Karen and Paula, fished a warm, sunny August week when between them they landed 29 carp, 17 mirrors and 12 commons, weighing in at a total of 837lb2oz using bottom baits and boilies. They had 14 x 30s up to 38lb8oz, 11 x 20s up to 29lbs, only three under 20lb and Graham’s last fish on the last day a 40lb8oz mirror. They commented, ‘Very nice fish, very good condition and very fit’.

Another  very hot week July into August, but Luke and Marc managed to land six carp  between them, two commons to Marc and three mirrors to Luke, which included his  PB of 46lb, plus he had his 40lb PB common which both came off the dam  wall. Surprisingly, some of the others  came from open water. Tactics used were  Chas’s Claw Rig with CC Moore Acid Pear pop ups, Mainline toppers and CC Moore  Pacific Tuna. They commented, ‘Great  place, will be back’.

 Photos will be  posted when received

Nick’s  party of five anglers came for a short break in July (Saturday to Wednesday)  when they banked 19 carp between them, 1 x 44lb and the rest mainly mid 30s with  some 20s. They caught most in the  evening or early morning, tight to the bank. They commented, ‘We’ve had an amazing short week’ and they are looking to  return next year. Photos will be posted  when received

  In a June ‘Heat Wave’ week, Nigel, Tom, Chris and Lawrence banked 44 carp between them, all catching their PBs at 39lb, 42lb04oz, 43lb12oz and 42lb respectively. They fished to small beds of bait tight to the far margin, using mainly critically balanced bottom baits. They were accompanied by Ruth, Zoe and little Oscar and commented: ‘The gite is very well equipped (fans were a godsend in recent hot weather). We used the info folder and had food from the pizza van on Thursday (excellent). Really peaceful surroundings’. Photos will be posted when received 


Fishing  for Kevin and Terry in their week in May definitely proved challenging due to  the mixed weather conditions. They  landed five between them, four thirties to 36lb9oz (2 mirrors and 2 commons) and  another common at 28lb11oz, giving an average weight of 33lb10oz. Each was caught on a different bait, pop-ups,  boilies, etc.     


John and Nathan commented ‘Very nice fishery and gîte with a good stamp of quality fish.  Chas was very friendly and helpful.  Overall, we have had a lovely week’s fishing and hope to come back in the future and get amongst the real bigguns’.  A big vote of thanks to John and Nathan from Chas and Josie for leaving the lakeside and gite so very clean – thank you

Of Duncan`s 18 carp up to 42lb2oz, there were four 30lb mirrors, six 20lbers and the remaining under 20lb including a koi.  He commented, ‘A really comfortable and enjoyable week, my 5th visit and Jo’s first and we will be back for more next year.  Chas and Josie are lovely people and always available if you need anything.  If you need any advice on fishing Vaux, then Chas is happy to help out. 


It was good to see Matt and his dad, Martin, again with  Matt’s young family for a week in October. They commented that it was very hot for 65%  of the days and warm for 65% of the nights, so their total of 15 carp were  caught on colder nights and on Cell boilies mid water. Martin landed two  40s, his PB a 46lb8oz mirror and another at 42lb8oz. They also had six  30s up to Matt’s 37lb8oz mirror and 36lb8oz common. Martin also  banked a 19lb8oz pike, again his Personal Best.


David and Gill visited Vaux for a two-week holiday in  October and in his first week David beat his PB by banking three 40s up to  43lb4oz using the Claw rig or snowman or german rigs, orange pop-ups or 10mm  white pop-ups on multirig. So his fishing was varied, to the far bank and he  totalled 18 carp, including eight 30s to 37lb11oz and seven high  20s. David commented: “Chas is a wonderful host. Please take  note of his tips, although it is always worth trying something different. Thank  you Chas for all your help and chats!” He continued: “Top class venue, beautiful  large fish, no issues, will be back – and Gill wanted to take Buddy home!!”

Neil & Roz commented, ‘Beginning of the week we had some rain which helped the catch rates, but it ended in high pressure and sun, making conditions difficult to catch, although we had a considerable number of fish.  We fished to the far margins at night, coming off 4-5 metres in daytime, using pop-ups, Snowmen, bright tops, small baits.  In general, you should read the water and conditions.  Speak to Chas, best help you will get.  Keep changing ideas.  We had a fabulous time, great hosts, very informative, would take Buddy (the dog) back tomorrow.  After several years of carp fishing visits to France, this is one of the best.  You don’t get much better for a small venue’.  From Chas and Josie:  Thank you, Neil and Roz, very much.  See you next year.

Russell and his son, Mitchell, accompanied by Candice,  spent a September week at Vaux as first-time anglers to France. To start with  they used their usual carp rigs, but after speaking to Chas changed to the Claw  Rig. However, the fish did not seem to be feeding, it was  hard to get a bite and even fishing two nights they were  unsuccessful. But patience paid off when Russell banked a 30lb mirror  and Mitchell another mirror at 41lb8oz, both on the Claw Rig and using orange  pop ups, apple core shaped, over crumb. Russell commented: “We had a fantastic week  and will be coming back. The gite, lake and grounds and everything about the  complex is to a high standard. We shake your hands to the hard work put in  to keep the venue a welcoming, tidy and restful home for anyone who is lucky to  visit year on year. Massive thanks for allowing us to visit”


A September family holiday brought anglers Steve, son Robert and friend Alan, accompanied by Sandra, Janice and Neil, to Vaux when they banked 16 carp between them, 9 x 30s up to 39lb5oz and 5 x 20s up to 29lb9oz.  Alan had a 20lb-er on S7, then changed to pink pop ups which caught him another seven carp, five of which were 30s.  Steve and Robert had the remaining eight carp which included the 39lb5oz mirror using a variety of baits, snowman or Source bottom bait or pop-ups.  Steve commented: ‘Thanks for a good week, the house was brilliant, one of the best lake properties we have stayed at, super clean (thanks, Sam) and thanks to Chas for tips during the week’

Nicholas  arrived for a week in August to fish with his three young sons aged 10, 12 and  14. They all used Chas’s Claw Rigs and  pop-ups over particles, landing 12 carp between them, five at 20lb+ and five at  30lb+ up to 38lb4oz, but the icing on the cake was 12yr old Owen’s 41lb7oz  mirror, last fish in the early hours of the last morning. Nick commented, ‘pool in lovely condition,  kept very clean.  The boys enjoyed their  first time fishing in France. Chas made  them feel very welcome and they would love to come again’

A family holiday in June brought Andy, Doug, Mark and Craig to Vaux with Ann, Emma and Caitlyn. The very hot, sunny conditions made fishing difficult, but they still managed to bank 23 carp between them, mostly at night, with eight x 30s and 14 x 20s.  Doug’s first fish was his PB, a 31lb mirror, and Craig had two PBs, the first at 35lb8oz and his second, which was the last fish caught, at 36lb, both commons. They all used pop ups or wafters, the main bait being CC Moors pacific tuna and commented, ‘wonderful surroundings. A very well equipped and comfortable gite. Thank you for a lovely week’.   


Michael and Dennis returned in June for a second two-week visit accompanied by Alan and Kevin. With very high daytime temperatures, they fished at night, successfully landing 21 carp between them using mainly garlic-based baits. They had 8x30s and 9x20s with two PBs to Kevin of a 30lb6oz common (the first fish out) and later on a 38lb2oz mirror. Michael’s PB, the last fish landed, was a 37lb mirror. They commented, ‘Had a great time, everyone enjoyed themselves. Fishing was good. We like it here. Still got to get a big one, so will have to come back.’

Tom and Olly (see above Review) wrote that they “had a great start, but as the weather declined, so did our ability to catch a fish. Heavy rain and thunderstorms on Sunday evening and night caused the lake to breach the dam wall. We tried many different spots with various baiting combinations, but struggled to find the perfect combination to catch the many fish in the lake.