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This page will be updated regularly from April through to October. Visit our Previous Reviews page to view pictures and comments from over 10 years of angling success at Les Vaux

Latest Reviews


A week in June was the 4th visit for Tom and Olly, each time accompanied by their three non-angling friends.  They banked a total of 7 carp up to mirrors of 39lb8oz to Tom and 37lb to Olly and four were lost during a storm affected week.  ‘The most successful tactic was fishing to the far bank, using the claw rig with Cell dumbbell and maize pop-up’.


Martin caught 15 carp in a week of two halves; heavy rain until Tuesday was replaced by sunny weather.  However, the fishing was consistent throughout the week. The biggest carp was a 42lb mirror along with some 30lb + commons and mirrors. Martin mainly used the swimmer rig with homemade baits and bright coloured pop ups


A week in June brought Kevin back again and he managed to land 16 carp, the best being a 40lb8oz mirror, plus several other 30lb+ carp, mainly mirrors. He fished in the middle section of the lake on and off the far bank and used the modified claw rig as described in the latest news section with various pop up colours and crumbed up boilies. 


Chas doesn’t often fish his own lake, but he spent 3 ½ days and nights in April trying out his own new Balanced Claw Rig. Using bottom bait and small pop ups, he landed 19 carp, 6 x 40s, 9 x 30s, 2 x 20s and 2 under 20lb, most of them coming out during the night, the days being very hot. For more details please go to the Vaux News page


A week of mixed weather and cold nights at end April into May saw the return of Shane and Gary with Ian. A total of 16 carp were banked: 9 x 30s up to 37lb14oz and 6 x 20s from 22lb to 28lb, 8 mirrors and 8 commons.  Most came to pink pop-ups on Ronnie rigs.  Ian landed his PB mirror of 35lb.  ‘A great week‘ they said ‘nice setting and facilities first class.


Tom, Robert and John fished a week in May using their own tactics of red or pink pop-ups with conventional, fully popped-up shop-bought rigs and caught only two 26lb mirrors in six days.  On Friday they turned to Chas who changed their tackle to his balanced claw rig. A 28lb and Robert's 41lb  PB were soon landed.  ‘We all love Chas helping us get a 41lb on the bank!!’

 Terry  and Stephen arrived with their wives for a week in July. Weather was everything from blazing sun to thunder  storms so fishing was difficult, but they had 4 mirrors, 3 of them 30s up to  37lb, caught on zigs, pop-ups and corn and ‘Ronnie’ rigs, all, they said, in  excellent condition. They commented that “the  lake and facilities are immaculately maintained”. 

Tony, Brian and Geoff banked 4 mirrors up to Geoff’s PB of 45lb4oz, plus 2 pike, during their week in May.  They have been several times before and commented, “Les Vaux is a superb location.  One of the most beautiful lakes we’ve visited.  Every convenience is laid on in each swim.  The help Chas provides is invaluable, his knowledge is second to none”.

 John,  fishing in July and accompanied by Mal, landed 3 carp at 30lb+, 2 at 20lb+, with  2 commons under 20lb. Using combi rigs and  bottom baits he had 4 from the shallows and 3 from the lake centre. They have been many times before because, he said,  it is one of his wife’s favourite venues. “We wouldn’t keep coming back if we  weren’t happy”

James and Richard experienced yet another cold weather week in March, but still managed to catch 9 carp up to a mirror of 44lb8oz.  They have visited 5 times and wrote, “always a joy to be here.  Recommend using the slow cooker for stews, etc.  We have eaten like kings!!  Thanks for making this a wonderful place to stay and fish – we just love coming back”

Anthony, Jason & Dave banked 14 carp, 1 40lb mirror to Dave, 8 30s up to 39lbs and 5 20s..  They were caught on a variety of baits, Live System, bottom baits and white or pink pop ups. They made it a party of 10 with family members, including 4 children from 2 to 7.  They said, “the facilities were more than expected” and they “were 100% happy”.

Kevin & young grandson Lewis banked 9 carp & many roach in a testing week in August with rain and water temperatures plummeting. Catch of the week came shortly after casting on Saturday, a 47lb mirror. Lewis favourite carp was a 16lb yellow Koi “The Gite was perfect for my family and ideal for our trips to the castle, water & theme parks in Fougeres”

  Robert’s party of four anglers had a grand catch of 60 carp, mirrors and commons, during a week in September.  The catch included two x forties up to 43lb2oz, nineteen x thirties, twenty four x twenties and fifteen under 20lb.  The tactics they used were large beds of boilies with bottom baits over the top  

John, Callum, Kenny and Stuart landed 9 mirrors 24-36lb8oz  and 7 commons 17-33lb8oz, during a week in June, mostly at  night as the days were hot and fish spawning. They  have been a few times and commented, “lovely lake and accommodation in lovely  part of France. Chas in great form, as ever, with loads of  advice and fishing stories, made us laugh every day

  James, who was the only angler in a party of two couples with their dogs on a 2-week holiday, banked six carp from 20lb to 39lb6oz.  ‘This was a holiday with fishing’ he said, continuing that the venue is ‘an excellent base for days out, quiet roads and plenty of wildlife, kingfishers, red squirrels, owls, buzzards and kites at the site - all had a great time’  

Latest Holiday Comments

This page will be updated regularly from April through to October. Visit our Previous Reviews page to view pictures and comments from over 10 years of angling success at Les Vaux


Michael and Dennis returned in June for a second two-week visit accompanied by Alan and Kevin. With very high daytime temperatures, they fished at night, successfully landing 21 carp between them using mainly garlic-based baits. They had 8x30s and 9x20s with two PBs to Kevin of a 30lb6oz common (the first fish out) and later on a 38lb2oz mirror. Michael’s PB, the last fish landed, was a 37lb mirror. They commented, ‘Had a great time, everyone enjoyed themselves. Fishing was good. We like it here. Still got to get a big one, so will have to come back.’

Tom and Olly (see above Review) wrote that they “had a great start, but as the weather declined, so did our ability to catch a fish. Heavy rain and thunderstorms on Sunday evening and night caused the lake to breach the dam wall. We tried many different spots with various baiting combinations, but struggled to find the perfect combination to catch the many fish in the lake.

We all had a really amazing week; despite the poor weather we were able to relax and enjoy a week of catching up with good friends. Vaux is a great venue and offers us not only the opportunity to catch some beautiful fish, but also the comforts of the gite. The lake is immaculate and very well kept. It’s easy to quickly forget the worries of day to day life here and just enjoy time with friends.

Thanks, Chas, for the useful tips and good conversations – it’s always welcomed.”


Chris, Pete and Trev, on their first fishing trip to France at end May, were on a learning curve and although they missed several takes and lost a big carp at the net, they managed 11 carp between them, all catching their PBs even though the fish spawned during the week. Temperatures were high and almost all the carp were on top all week so most fish came in the early morning or evening/night. Chris consistently beat his PB four times up to his 34lb9oz mirror. Trev’s PB of 30lb2oz came to a bloodworm boilie, but the other 10 carp came to pink pop ups which Chas had suggested they try as it is a favourite bait of the moment. Pete landed 3 x 30s, his PB of 39lb8oz, a 38lb7oz and a 31lb common. Six of those 11 carp were PBs


Martyn, Mick, Jez and Ron fished a week in May, Martyn and Mick the top of the lake at the start of the week and Jez and Ron fishing the dam wall where their biggest carp was 26lb and the smallest 15lb. Mid week they swapped swims, Martyn and Mick to the dam end and Jez and Ron to the top. Chaz suggested they try the balanced claw rig and pink pop-ups and as they were using small hooks, to go onto large hook patterns. Martyn and Mick preferred to continue with their own fishing methods, but Jez and Ron changed and went on to catch 5 x 30s up to 38lb10oz, three of them 38lb+, and four of them commons. They lost a number too, including Ron’s ‘large’ one and Jez’s ‘very large’ one. They had 19 carp between them with Martyn and Mick each landing the largest of the 12 x 20s at 29lb8oz and 29lb4oz.  


Robert  and David with Rachel and Alex returned in May for a second visit when, they  said, they ‘smashed it’ by landing 12 carp each.  David had 3 x 40lb+ mirrors,  which all appear to be new 40s, plus the largest common at 39lb8oz out of the  joint total of 12 x 30s.  ‘Lovely venue, as always. Lake well kept,  accommodation good’


Tom, Robert and John (see above Latest Reviews) commented: ‘We came with the well known and proven tactics of “chuck and hope”. Well, after we realised we had bob hope and no hope of catching a fish, we went to Chas with our tails between our legs and his help made our dreams come true of landing a 40lb+. Please can you book us this time next year. We want to return every year, love it so much. Chas you honestly made an ok holiday into the best ever. Your help, comments and friendliness made everything perfect for us, thank you’

In a week which started hot, but cooled from Monday onwards, Frank celebrated his 60th birthday with fellow angler, Paul, accompanied by their wives.  They caught 13 carp between them, the majority at night, with 7 of them 30s, and the biggest of the week, a common at 36lb6oz, going to Frank.  They used boilies with pink pop-up, white or yellow pop-ups or bottom bait with yellow topper.  Their comments on this, their second visit, were:  ‘Excellent facilities, very comfortable, clean and well equipped’


Bob,  Jason, Ken and Stuart fished pop ups and bottom baits, landing 8 mirrors between  them, a 36lb8oz, a 37lb and 6 x 20s.  The weather became unusually hot during  the week, the carp were sunning themselves and so they found fishing hard this  year, but it was their 5th visit and they commented that they ‘still  enjoy coming – see you again shortly’.

Alan  caught his PB mirror at 30lb in July on tuna pop-up. He commented, “Brilliant place. Only one fish, but this was a holiday with fishing, not a fishing holiday” and recommended anglers should ‘talk to Chas a mine of info”.

Young anglers, Callum and Daniel, landed 18 carp between them during a week in August including 6 x 30s up to 36lb2oz and 9 x 20s.  They used mostly white or pink pop-ups or double tiger nut wafters or tiger nut pop-up corn, catching days and nights